“Fourteen-year-old Dara* stood behind the large window. A group of men sat on the other side of the window, glancing from girl to girl. Each was deciding which one he wanted.

Dara heard her name over the loudspeaker. Her heart sank. She had been selected.

She stepped out of the window and led the man down the dark hallway to her small room. In less than an hour, Dara would be back in the window, working into the early morning hours in Indonesia’s red light district.

I’m writing today because girls like Dara need your help!

Will you please send a generous gift to help save trafficked and sexually exploited girls like Dara?

  • Many of these girls have been trafficked against their will. Like Dara, they are forced to work tirelessly through the night.
  • Some joined the sex trade answering the promise of high earnings. But they soon find themselves enslaved and in debt, with no way out.
  • Others become sex slaves because it’s the family business. They see no other way to provide for themselves.

However they arrived in slavery, if they are under 18 years old, it is illegal to sell them for sex. These at-risk, uneducated, unskilled girls are destined to lives of hopelessness, helplessness and abuse.

But there is a way out!

When you give to She Is Safe, you help provide vulnerable and abused girls with safety, healing and HOPE.

By partnering with She Is Safe, you’ll be in the important work of rescuing and restoring girls and women in the highest-risk communities in the world.

Your gift today will go to work immediately to help:

  • Rescue girls targeted by traffickers in slums, red light districts, poor villages, conflict zones and refugee camps.”
  • Restore women to physical, emotional and spiritual health through counseling, discipleship and job training.
  • Prevent girls from becoming victims of slavery and prostitution by informing and equipping them for self-sustainability.

You will introduce these girls to Jesus and help them become the women God created them to be.

I’m counting on you and other friends to help Dara and so many others who are trapped in an evil world.

Dara’s journey to new life is just beginning . . .

Please give today to help rescue and restore at-risk girls around the world and change their lives for eternity.

For forgotten girls,

Michele M. Rickett

Founder & CEO

*We use representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.