As we continue walking through these unprecedented times, please know that we are praying for you. We think of you often and pray that you are healthy and experiencing the Lord’s peace offered in John 14:27. I am praying for that promise to fill your heart today and every day.

Many of the women in the red-light district of northeast India don’t know of this gift of peace. Their thoughts are torn as they think about selling one child to save another.

This is a choice a mother should never have to make.

It’s a decision mothers like Binita* face.

This Mother’s Day, YOU can help mothers around the world by giving to empower vulnerable girls at high risk of physical and sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Your gift today will help girls like Binita’s oldest daughter Aparna.

When Aparna turned 14, her mother Binita sold her as a child-bride to a 32-year-old man.

Unfortunately, life for child-brides like 14-year-old Aparna rarely goes well.

Aparna was one of those girls subjected to physical abuse by the one who was supposed to love and protect her. So, she ran from her abusive husband. Thankfully, her mother allowed her to come back. How will the family survive? The hope is that through She Is Safe Aparna will become a contributor, rather than a burden.

Today, you will find Aparna becoming equipped through a She Is Safe Transformation Group for teenage girls.

14-year-old Aparna escaped from an arranged marriage gone bad. Today, she has a hope-filled future — thanks to YOU!

Each week, Aparna and the other girls focus on education, learn new skills, work to save money and plan for strong futures.

Your donation can empower desperate mothers like Binita AND vulnerable girls like Aparna to discover a life they never knew existed — a life of safety, hope and possibility!

Your special Mother’s Day gift will be put to use right away to:

  • Rescue girls targeted by traffickers in slums, red-light districts, poor villages, conflict zones and refugee camps.
  • Restore girls to physical, emotional and spiritual health through counseling, discipleship and job training.
  • Equip girls to prevent their abuse through income generating options, learning, loans and new life.

Please give today to empower mothers and daughters worldwide as they make the decision to join a life-giving opportunity that you have made possible.

On behalf of forgotten girls,

Michele M. Rickett

Founder & CEO

P.S. As the effect of COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, we continue to pray for you. This Mother’s Day, please give generously for mothers facing this crisis along with the threats of abuse and slavery.

*She is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.