Middle East

Over 1 million Syrians have fled the horrors of violence to a neighboring country. Many of these refugees are living in makeshift settlements with only bare necessities for survival. Teen girls in these communities are at high risk of exploitation, and often languish awaiting freedom.

Issues Facing Women and Girls in the Middle East

Child marriage is a form of human trafficking and is “a violation of their human rights.”


Our work for Syrian Refugee Girls provides a safe place just for girls where they can learn skills that will make them safe, as they encounter the love of Christ. Girls learn about abuse and trafficking prevention and see their true value.

Through our work, Syrian refugee girls are equipped with vocational training and leadership skills that help them become self-sustaining, and prevent them from being taken in child marriage.

She Sees Her True Value

Ishtar’s family and over 1 million other Syrians fled to a nearby country.

Going outside of her family tent is dangerous for a girl like Ishtar. She could be shamed, assaulted or kidnapped. Men come to her family with offers of marriage, even though she is still a child. But her mother has already learned that there are alternatives for her future.

Ishtar is learning her true value, and that she can build the skills that will keep her free from being forced to lose her childhood.

Even in a refugee camp, Ishtar is building a life of freedom and faith.

Your Help Can Make One Free.

With your help, this could be the day that she begins her journey to freedom.