People go from Myanmar’s villages to the cities, looking for work. Many families end up in squalid slums. Many girls in these slums have little schooling or skills, which leaves them at-risk of being trafficked.

Issues Facing Women and Girls in Myanmar a.k.a. Burma

  • Violence against women is prevalent, and most cases go unreported.

  • Poverty disproportionately affects women in Myanmar.

  • Every single day girls are trafficked to Thai brothels or as unwilling brides to China.

Equipping Mothers and Teen Girls

On the outskirts of the cities, families are on the edge of survival, and education is too expensive for many families to send all of their children to school. As a result, their girls have few skills and fewer options for their futures. That is what makes the girls in the slums targets of traffickers.

By Equipping Mothers with saving, lending and livelihoods in She Is Safe Transformation Groups, they are equipped to provide for education, health and safety for all of their children – changing generations to come.

A Family of Sisters

May Kai grew up in the city slums in Myanmar. She lived each day vulnerable to poverty and the constant threat of predators. With no job skills, no income and a fourth-grade education, she could only expect to live each day at-risk and in fear.

May Kai joined a Transformation Group, meeting each week in the community center where she learned to make soap.

May Kai and her group prayed together, learned leadership and business skills and how to better protect and nuture their families. With the help of her group, she started a business to generate income by making and selling soap in a village outside the city.

May Kai knows it’s not simply her business that has equipped her to create a stronger future. God has blessed her. She also credits her Transformation Group that she lovingly calls her family of sisters.

Your Help Can Make One Free.

With your help, this could be the day that she begins her journey to freedom.