The world has indeed taken notice.

Everyone seems to be aware of the heinous global crime of human trafficking. It has even been given its own day and its own website. July 30th is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons,

In July, the US State Department publishes the Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Report. Find it at She Is Safe draws from this report to glean the most reliable information on places notorious for human trafficking, such as red–light districts and sex tourist destinations.

The facts are:

  • 40 million people worldwide are enslaved.
  • 99% of those trafficked for sex are girls and women.
  • Young girls and women in impoverished communities are the humans most often trafficked.

Hidden behind the massive numbers and documentation, slavery happens to individuals. In rural villages in Indonesia, young, naive girls like Melatie whom you’ll read about in the She Is Safe summer newsletter, can be easily enticed away from poverty with the promise of a job and income.

What can you do to help girls like Melatie?

  • Equip yourself with the truth. Read the reports. Be informed. Visit our website often to stay updated on current information concerning human trafficking.
  • Give of your resources to help She Is Safe continue the work of helping girls be safe, free and equipped. Your giving helps spread the message of prevention as our in-country co-workers inform girls about tricks of traffickers.
  • Pray often and specifically for girls who are vulnerable to the tactics of predators.
  • Learn more now about human trafficking by reading our summer newsletter.