We have been praying for the safety of our ministry partners in Sudan. Reverend John Kongi, a partner of SIS in newly-liberated South Sudan was able to write us the following e-mail. He shares concerns about the church in Northern Sudan, challenges facing the new nation of South Sudan, and his feelings on the dawn of a new era for the volatile region:

this is an historic mail, being my first mail to you about the new country South Sudan. For sure you have followed events through the various media worldwide.

For me, none of them could really capture what is was like, neither words nor even pictures can explain what this day (and the night before especially as from midnight, when everybody was out at the streets, celebrating,smiling, laughing, shouting, embracing and in tears, all at  the same time) meant for the people of South Sudan.

In Khartoum people were quiet as many northerners were not happy for the separation.

We all know that as from tomorrow the real work has to start again, that there are so many problems and challenges ahead in the new country; that civil society and the Church in Sudan (the North) are happy for their sisters and brothers in South Sudan,  but independence has even contributed to increase their fears concerning their own completely uncertain future.

My own feelings are  beyond any description, but I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely  thank all of you who have contributed in so many ways and for such a  long time to get the right of self-determination into the peace agreement, and for its implementation until this last step of yesterday.

May I kindly ask to keep on  accompanying the people of the New State in their journey for a better  future, but also urge you not to forget the people in Sudan- in Darfur,  in Kordofan, Blue Nile, the East, the far north and the centre. Please  all stay with them in their struggle for equal rights, democracy, and  peace, and support them with whatever means you have.

Let us all work  for reconciliation in the two countries, and between the two, and for building two new nations, where nobody has to fear for her or his life ever again because of their own government.

Rev. John Kongi

We will be posting about Sudan this week and next as we receive opinions, reports, and updates on this fragile new nation. Please join us as we pray and work for peace in this war-torn country.