Share Jesus with desperate girls and women this holiday season!

The holiday season this year will look unlike most we’ve seen. Many families won’t be able to travel and experience the blessing of spending time together.

For girls who have been trafficked, their suffering doesn’t stop because of a holiday. They don’t get to enjoy a meal with their families and share in praising God for His blessings. They continue suffering, not knowing God and the love He has for them.

I’m writing to tell you about Prisha* and the many girls like her who are desperate for this
blessing of a new life!

We first met Prisha shortly after she was rescued from a brothel in India and brought to a She Is Safe Restoration Home. Her story is horrifying . . .

Tricked by a trafficker, she thought she was taking a job in the hospitality industry, which
would provide much-needed income for her poor family. Instead, she ended up in a brothel far from home.

As a sex slave, Prisha was forcefully taken advantage of by up to 30 men a day, seven days a
week, for the better part of three years — enduring roughly 32,760 acts of sexual abuse.

Sadly, Prisha’s story is all too common . . .

Right now, thousands of mothers, daughters and sisters in dangerous regions around the world are at high risk of being trafficked and forced into sex slavery.

This holiday season, while you and I are counting our blessings, girls like Prisha are
desperate for a new life — for someone to rescue them from a life of despair. They don’t know how to put an end to the nightmare they’re trapped in.

Will you be a blessing for someone like Prisha? Your gift today will reach girls and women in desperate need of new life!

Between now and year end we need to raise 232,000 to continue helping these desperate women and girls.

Your help is critical to fulfilling what the Lord is calling us to do in high-risk communities. The funding you and other generous friends provide by year-end will largely determine what we can commit to life-changing programs in 2021.

Every dollar you give, will help meet our year-end fundraising goal of $232,000 — to bring about even more stories of rescue, restoration, prevention and new life.

As we’ve walked through this unrecognizable year, I’ve been so thankful for your faithful support. And I’m praying you’ll stand with us again now.

Will you please send a generous holiday gift to help ensure 2021 is another great year allowing us to reach even more girls and women in desperate need of new life?

Thank you in advance for your faithfulness. May you and your loved ones be blessed beyond measure as you gather during this season.

For forgotten girls,

Michele M. Rickett

Founder & CEO

P.S. Girls trapped in sex slavery are desperate for a new life. Please help them by sending a
generous gift today.

*She is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.