Dallas Theological Seminary’s magazine, Kindred Spirit, recently highlighted the work of SIS area director Pam Pitt in Nepal.  Pam lovingly works with our field partners who prevent, rescue and restore girls from trafficking. Pam and her husband, John, connect Western churches with God’s work on the front lines in Nepal.

The article was written by SIS knowledge management coordinator, Katy Anderson. In “Equipping Captives for Freedom and Faith,” she describes the empowerment of former slaves who are now changing their own villages:

When in Nepal, John and Pam spend time in a rehabilitation home, a space where girls can heal. The girls participate in Bible studies, hear the gospel, and experience love and hope for the first time. They also learn vocational, literacy, and other life skills. And they receive medical treatment and trauma counseling. After a year of rehabilitation the girls are reintegrated into local communities. Some even go to college. Many teach skills to others at risk, educating them to the ploys of traffickers.

You can download the issue of Kindred Spirit here.

Pam, John, and all of our area directors work to free and empower women and girls around the world. We believe that their efforts, innovations, and relationships make a difference for this generation, the next, and for all of eternity.