Dear Praying Friend,

Courageous girls have taken over One Million Steps this year with your help! As I have traveled to Indonesia and other places where we work, I have met girls at all different points along their journeys. Some were afraid but intrigued by the prospect of walking away from abuse. Others promised themselves that they would walk away if they were beaten one more time. Other girls took courage and walked toward the help we offer and are now on an entirely different path.

Rani* walked out of the bar where she had been having sex with a dozen men from late afternoon through much of the night. As she walked away, every painful step reminded her of a friend who had visited her earlier that day.

That friend, Sheren, is a She Is Safe co-worker. Sheren shared her story of how she used to be a sex worker. She knew the pain and degradation of the life Rani was still living. She also knows that it is possible, with God’s help, to take steps toward a whole new life of freedom and dignity.

One Million Steps side graphicThousands of girls like Rani and Sheren have taken one million steps this year away from degradation. When they see their moments, we help them step away from their pimps and madams. This means that there is an immediate and urgent need to provide the girls a safe place, food, medical and emotional care, vocational training and spiritual nurture.

When we seek God for the funds to do these things, we often remind ourselves at She Is Safe that our work is not about money. It is about the steps that bring each girl out of darkness and into the dawning light one step at a time.

We steward every dollar so that it will mean one more step in a girl’s life. One dollar means one more step is possible. So far this year, we have put about $1.2 million dollars to work for these girls to take life-changing steps. We are ending the fiscal year June 30th and have a few more steps to go in order to finish this year with the provision of safety, food and care for each girl God has brought to us.

The gap between these steps right now is big, but bridging it is not impossible with your help. We hope to walk another 200,000 steps or $200,000 dollars this month, by God’s grace.

Will you walk those steps with me and these girls with a generous fiscal year-end gift?

I hope you catch the joy of walking alongside these lost girls. They know that people sacrifice so that they can take more courageous steps. The girls may not be able to thank you personally, but I certainly can and do.

From the heart,


Michele Rickett
Founder & CEO

P.S. The 200,000-step gap is about $200,000. Will you make those steps possible? Please give a gift and let us know how many steps you can help the girls take.

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*She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity of those we serve.