In April 2016, Yunyun was on her way home from school. Walking down the same path she always took. School was over for the day. Just an ordinary day. Until the mob trapped her, brutally raped her and left her for dead in the nearby rubber plantation.

In the same area, four years later, Gemi* didn’t know that local teenage boys were stalking her – watching as she bathed in the river – like she and her younger brothers and sisters always did. She was never aware anyone was hidden in the shadows of the trees on the bank nearby.

But now she is cautious and covered when she is in the river. Gemi explained that some students from a local bible college came to her village and gave her and her family information about how to stay safe from people who wanted to harm children. One of the 10 tips for safety she read was to always wear a bathing suit in the river. Now Gemi can feel safe and be aware of dangers around her. She learned that God loves her and created her and that she should take special care of herself and her friends. And to never walk alone on a hidden path where danger thrives.

The students Gemi met are trained and equipped by She Is Safe Indonesian coworkers. The students share safety tips with children that are highly vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse and are easy targets for human traffickers. In fact, since Yunyun’s horrific death four years ago, 255,000 children have received abuse prevention information from our coworkers. This many children have been spared from potential unimaginable harm on any ordinary day as they walk to and from school. They are secure at home with their families tonight because people cared that girls like Gemi understood how to be safe.

Now that you have heard of Gemi, would you help her and other girls like her be safe from predators?

Here is what you can do:

  • Download the 10 Tips for Safety and share them with a child in your life.
  • Donate a special gift in honor of your children, grandchildren and other students returning to school this season. Your gift will help She Is Safe coworkers travel into remote villages, gather children together and share with them safety tips, a hotline for help and the life-changing message of God’s love for them