How do you honor your mom on Mother’s Day? Flowers? Brunch? A hand-written note?

Sakshi*, 18 years old, lives in southern India. She is honored to live her life of freedom because of her mother’s sacrifices.

Read more to see why Sakshi’s life is a testament to her mother’s love and sacrifice:

If you look at me now, you see courage and confidence. Look closer. My life was not always like this. When I was little, my family lived in the slums of our large city. When my father died, only my mother took care of our family. Going to school, wearing decent clothes and eating extra food were only dreams for us.

 I remember the day my mother took off her wedding necklace and gold earrings to sell to the local pawn shop. She had to pay off loan sharks that threatened our existence. I can still hear her cry for help in the middle of the night when she thought no one heard. Silently I cried too.

One day, my mother started meeting with a group of women called a She Is Safe Transformation Group. She brought me with her each week. I watched these women sing, share their hearts and laugh together. The group pooled their savings and granted each other loans to start businesses or help with other financial needs. I noticed at meal times at home that my mother would eat less to save her money each week. In this group together we learned to read and write. Most of all I watched these women pray. That’s when things changed in my family.

Today when my friends ask me how I could be so brave, I proudly say, ‘I received my courage and confidence from my mother!‘ As a result of my mother’s example I too joined a Transformation Group for young women.”

Because of the saving I have done through my group, I have started my own jewelry business. But what I appreciate most is our time to share our burdens and pray together.”

Today my life is different than my mother’s was when she was a young woman. Today I stand proudly with courage and confidence as a testament to my mother’s love and sacrifice. I want to pass what I have learned on to my daughters one day.”


Through your giving, you and others helped She Is Safe co-workers establish the Transformation Group Sakshi’s mom attended and the one for young women Sakshi now attends. Thank you!

Just as Sakshi proudly honors her mother, you can also celebrate your mother and the women of influence in your life this Mother’s Day by giving in her honor. You can plant your own legacy of love.