Indonesia Big Sister-MomLast month’s field visit to Indonesia was challenging on many levels. Wherever our team went, we saw little girls who are kept out of school to work. We prayed with dedicated co-workers who invest long hours every day to free and equip women and children. We listened to an Indonesian doctor who performs surgical repair on girls who have been sexually brutalized.

We had already learned from our field partner leader that in this area men’s desires take precedence over all else. “Even if they abuse a girl, the town will protect him, because they feel sorry that this girl has ruined his life. The adult is important, and the child is not.”

Over our years of service we have learned that the best response to this oppressive set of problems is to address the root causes of abuse in comprehensive ways. That’s why, in Indonesia, we’re working to preventrescue and restore women and girls from suffering abuse and exploitation…

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