Previta was unwanted and abused. At seven years old, she was rescued and brought to the She Is Safe-sponsored restoration home in India. Though she was shy when she first entered the home, over the last few years she has become a leader.  She shares love and friendship with the new girls who enter the home. Previta loves learning, but even more, she has a passion for helping girls experience the joy of reading.

We love to see children in the U.S. experience the joys of reading, too. She Is Safe’s Read to Rescue initiative creates a way for your children to help girls like Previta while they read and get sponsors to support freedom for girls.  The results broaden the impact of reading, and help girls like Previta stay free from abuse and slavery. The children in your community can know that as they read in their homes, girls like them are reading in restoration homes in Nepal, Indonesia and India.

A church in Chicago recently had tremendous success with Read to Rescue. 100% of the children in the church joined the reading program and raised thousands of dollars to rescue girls. As you build awareness in your community for the plight of girls around the world, consider this as a way to develop advocacy. We hope you are encouraged as you involve your family and friends in bringing light to the hard places.

Your family, church, or school group can participate in Read to Rescue, and we can help you organize the process. Visit Read to Rescue on our website to learn how to get started.

*She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity of the women and girls with whom we work.