Restored to New Life

Wina* is a woman from Indonesia. Fearing her abusive husband would one day kill her, she ran away to a nearby city. There, she met a “friend” who promised her a job. However, this woman was actually recruiting her to work in the Red Light District as a “massage therapist.”

Thankfully, a She Is Safe coworker in the area befriended Wina and began discipling her. During COVID-19, the Red Light District shut down. Without the monthly care package Wina received from She Is Safe, she may not have survived.

Through She Is Safe, Wina was also able to get business training and start a business selling snacks. As her business progressed, she recruited her friend Amel (a prostitute who also worked at the massage parlor) as her partner. Today, Wina is mentoring Amel as she, too, starts her new life.

*She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.