What if a few extra miles could buy back a life?  What if you could use your love for running and walking to free and empower at-risk women and girls around the world?

Many of our She Is Safe employees, friends, and advocates are avid hikers, walkers, and runners. Whether you cover your miles on a trail, on the road, or on a treadmill, by joining Run to Rescue, each step can bring one girl closer to a life of freedom and empowerment.

To join Run to Rescue, you can just take three easy steps:

  1. Set a goal: Do you want to run your first marathon? Finish a 5k? Staff members Brian Weldon and Ian North have set a goal of running the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail. Whatever distance you dream of running, write it down.
  2. Recruit sponsors: Your friends, family, and employers want to see you thrive. While you’re training, seek supporters who will donate a certain amount to She Is Safe per mile or when you reach your goal.
  3. Do the distance: Put in those miles. Meet or exceed your target. Then let your supporters know how well you did. They can donate by phone, mail, or online. All the information on how to give is available on our website, SheIsSafe.org.
We are working with a designer to develop “Run to Rescue” performance t-shirts. That way, while you’re working toward your goal, you can show yourself and those around you what it’s all about. We’ll post a link to the t-shirts as soon as the design is complete.
Until then, keep putting in the miles, and post your goals in the “comments” field of this post!