We love how God brings new friends into the SIS family. This week, Samantha Ayres began work as a Communications Intern. She brings with her a gifting and education in public relations. We asked her to tell her story on this blog. If you would like to welcome her or ask any questions about her story, please leave a comment on this entry. Here, in her own words, is the story of how Samantha joined the SIS family:

During a conference in January, my eyes were opened to the millions around the world today that are suffering from abuse, exploitation, and enslavement.

Many of them are women and girls living in the most desolate areas of the world. They lack the basic necessities that we take for granted. This puts them at great risk of being abused or trafficked. Most of them have no hope and believe little for their future. And there I was, sitting comfortably in my cushy little life.

God used this message to shatter my heart for these people. But most importantly, He challenged me to DO something about it. Weeks later I heard about She Is Safe through a friend. I contacted Michele Rickett and expressed my desire to get involved with the efforts of SIS to change the lives of the women and girls facing abuse and exploitation. God carefully led my steps and brought me here to SIS for the summer!

I am passionate about the fight to help women and girls trade their lives of slavery and trafficking for ones of freedom and empowerment. The role that God has prepared me for is in communications. Spreading the news about the great work that God is doing in the lives of these women and girls is my passion.

I love this ministry, and my goal is to help it grow through sharing it with others so they can also get involved. God is doing great works here at SIS, and I am incredibly thankful to be a part of it!