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This Advent season, we’ve looked together at how God’s love enters our world in unlikely places in beautiful ways. To help join our hearts with this wonderful news, I’d like to share with you the story of a young Indonesian woman who was approaching death when she encountered Christ for the first time.

A trafficker met Ayu’s family and spotted her when she was sixteen. Knowing that the family suffered from poverty, he offered Ayu a job working in the capital city at a hotel. He promised that she would soon be able to send money back home to her suffering family.

He paid for all her travel expenses and bought her new clothes. She was now a slave (according to him) because of the massive debt she could not repay. The job she was promised was not as a hotel maid, but as a prostitute.

Women and girls sex slaves statistic

Three years later, Ayu lay dying in a hospital from AIDS. A compassionate Christian visited her every day, praying for her recovery. Miraculously, God healed Ayu.

Today, we work with Ayu as she visits other young women who are trafficking victims and suffering from HIV/AIDS. She befriends, accepts and loves them as they are.

I am pleased to tell you that, this Christmas, you can join us in praying for and partnering with Ayu and other local co-workers to bring God’s love into the lives of women and girls who have been exploited.

Please visit our Christmas Catalog to discover opportunities to join in the wonderful work of Lighting the Dark this Advent.

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Merry Christmas,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder
She Is Safe