Poverty does not have to mean starvation. You can help the lost and vulnerable.

Alia* knows hardship. She’s suffered from it her whole life.

In South Sudan, where she lives, everyone in her community is poor. “How poor” is the
difference between going to bed hungry — and literally starving.

But Alia has hope.

South Sudan won its freedom after a brutal four-year civil war. But it’s a peace Alia knows
could evaporate in an instant. Pockets of violence spring up without warning. Hunger, desperation and
hopelessness still abound.

Yet, in the midst of these trials, Alia and other women in her community have found a place to
sustain their lives and others through She Is Safe Transformation Groups.

Your gift today will provide for She Is Safe to intervene, equip and help women and girls in high-risk communities around the world.

By sending a gift today, you will help vulnerable girls like Alia to be safe, free and equipped to become the women God created them to be. Will you help them by sending a generous gift today?

Despite the obstacles they face, Alia and other women in our program are forging newfound
freedom from privation and slavery.

Through She Is Safe work that YOU help make possible, women are:

  • Learning income-generating skills
  • Providing for their children
  • Working to save money
  • Planning for strong futures

The women are also growing in their understanding of God. Because of your generous giving, which makes Transformation Groups possible, they are:

  • Learning they are loved by our Almighty Father.
  • Lifting each other up in prayer and carrying each other’s burdens.
  • Sharing their newfound faith with their neighbors.
  • Inviting others to join their Transformation Groups.

Transformation is a powerful thing. To a woman like Alia, it means being able to feed her children. To send them to school. To learn a skill and make a living. To forge a future of freedom and new life.

But you and I know transformation is about so much more
than that…

Scripture reminds us: To be transformed from being far from God to being “drawn near” to Him through the blood of Christ (Ephesians 2:13).

This is the kind of transformation you make possible!

By giving to support She Is Safe’s work, you are NOT ONLY providing help for today and hope for tomorrow — but ALSO life for eternity.

Alia and her Transformation Group sisters are strong capable women who can create much out of very little. Your gift today will make it possible for more women to receive the resources, training and opportunities they need to transform their futures. You’re not only transforming their futures, generations of girls and women will be forever changed!

Will you give today to help fund this work for more suffering women in places like South
Sudan and around the world?

The work we do on behalf of at-risk women is only possible in the hardest places because of
you and other faithful friends who have joined us on this mission.

Thank you for your heart for at-risk women. May God bless you.

For forgotten girls,

Michele M. Rickett

Founder & CEO

P.S. Please give today to help She Is Safe equip women and girls in high-risk communities around
the world.

*She is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.