How can we let this happen?


According to the International Labor Organization, there are 27 million people currently enslaved. Clearly, the face of modern slavery is primarily female. The US Department of State reports that 80% of those trafficked are women and girls. Females also make up 98% of sex slaves.

Christians are responding to this horrible reality. The END IT Movement, which culminates today, is a campaign spearheaded by the Passion 2013 Conference to spread awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery.

In some villages in Nepal, there are no girls over the age of twelve due to trafficking. Families sell their young daughters to traffickers (disguised as “businessmen”) who promise good jobs for their girls. These girls are now enslaved, with little hope of freedom.

Thanks to your support and our partnership with the Passion 2013 Conference, She Is Safe assists border rescue and restoration initiatives in this region.

Looking forward, we have a new opportunity to work directly with families in impoverished villages. This year, an estimated 300 families, most with at-risk young girls, will receive two SIS-sponsored goats along with anti-trafficking training. They will also hear the gospel and grow relationships with local Christians who can nurture the families.

There are three ways in which you can join us in this fight to give new life to these girls:

  • Watch the video below to learn more about this issues facing young girls.
  • Visit our Advocacy page to learn how you can get involved.
  • Shout this information out to your network by forwarding, Facebook and Twitter.

For forgotten girls,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder
She Is Safe