On July 9th of 2011, 98% of Southern Sudanese voted to officially sever ties with Sudan. South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, was born. There was joy among the populace. People celebrated in the streets.

But a lack of proper infrastructure made running the new country difficult. According to a recent article by the Guardian, “as South Sudan began to confront the challenge of running a country without enough schools, hospitals or roads, the unity that had underpinned the referendum and declaration of independence dissolved.”

Women and girls are vulnerable to to abuse and exploitation. Childbirth is dangerous. According to the article, “2,000 mothers die for every 100,000 live births and 75 of every 1,000 babies will not survive to their first birthday. Last year, the UN treated 90,000 children for acute malnutrition.”

She Is Safe has brought Transformation Groups, self-sustaining learning and loan groups that are run by local women, to South Sudan. Join us in praying that women will be part of building this new country and have the freedom to demonstrate their worth to themselves and their families.

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