South Sudan

In the world’s newest nation, civil war and terrorism have heightened violence against girls and women. Men from all sides rape and abduct women and girls. One woman shared, “We women are tired of being raped.”

About 40% of girls are married as children – a form of human trafficking.

While helping to frame the future of South Sudan, church leaders have invited She Is Safe to work with them to build up displaced women and children by establishing our economic empowerment program there to train and support South Sudanese women to lead empowerment groups.

Issues Facing Women and Girls in South Sudan

  • Families force girls into marriage to survive food scarcity.

  • Due to war, orphans and refugee children are at increased risk for trafficking.

Transformation Groups

The women and girls we work to empower have endured chaos, violence, and displacement all throughout their lives.

In She Is Safe Transformation Groups, we equip women to support each other to succeed in business. Even during conflict, people buy food, water and clothes. Women in groups of 12-20 learn of God’s love, participate in savings and lending, and develop income-generating skills. She Is Safe Transformation Groups help to create role models of survival, industry and dignity for the next generation.

A Stronger Future for Families

Without help, women in Zeneb’s community in South Sudan are vulnerable to violence, famine and extreme poverty. But Zeneb was praying for God to change things for her.

When we offered to train her to facilitate self-help Transformation Groups, she enthusiastically signed up. Equipped with our training, she began teaching women how to save and lend money together, and keeping the books for her group.

Her group was able to save about $100 in a few months. Zeneb took out a small loan to open a restaurant and hired two other women to work with her, so they, too, could feed their children.

Even while surviving war, Zeneb and the women in her group bring encouragement, income and robust faith to each other. Their tenacity and industry set examples for their daughters who will see God answer prayer with pathways forward.

Your Help Can Make One Free.

With your help, this could be the day that she begins her journey to freedom.