The Color of New Life

Chesa’s Story

New parents excitedly announce, “It’s a girl!” Family and friends are thrilled to see bright pink balloons and cupcakes at gender-reveal parties and immediately start dreaming of the possibilities for new life, for a new little girl soon to be born. Who will she grow up to be? Where will she go to school? Whom will she marry one day? The possibilities are endless for her. Like the contrast between dark and light, life in Myanmar for little girls looks starkly different:

  • Girls are at high risk of being taken as child brides to neighboring China.
  • Some families boast about how much they receive for the sale of their daughters.
  • The average education level in Myanmar is 4.7 years.
  • Impoverished families do not invest in their daughters’ education.

Chesa* tells her story: “My father was an alcoholic, and my mother passed away when I was 14. I had to start working in a factory at 13 years old, and I married at 17 years old. And now, after having three children, I have recently joined a She is Safe Transformation Group (TG). I am saving money for the first time in my life. My husband was not sure about me joining the group, but now he sees our family changing and wants me to go every week. “I have dreams for my children, for them to have a better life. I desire for my two daughters and son to finish school. I’ve learned about human trafficking in my group and shared all I learned with my daughters because I want to keep them safe. I have started a small business making button embellishments to sell to shops for traditional Myanmar clothing. I am very hopeful for the future.”

Chesa and her TG sisters have also been introduced to stories about Jesus. Some have received the gift of new life for themselves.

When Chesa was born, her future seemed to be pre-painted with dark, ominous hues. And now, her life and the lives of her daughters are colored with the brightest shades of hope.

True Transformation

We often share a seemingly novel concept in least-reached communities: Every person born is given as a gift to their family, their community and the world. We need them to be nurtured and become all that God has created them to be.

Too often in the places where we work, cultural practices oppress, abuse and devalue girls. A little girl created by God to be brimming with potential is treated as though she does not deserve to eat as well as her brothers and isn’t allowed to go to school. When someone offers money for her, she may be given into the hands of strangers.

How can she begin to think that she can have a better life? How can she raise her daughters differently? By learning the truth. Healing and restoration spring into life in the fertile soil of truth — truth about God-given dignity and inalienable rights.

This spring, let’s join together across the least reached world in renewing minds and restoring lives to freedom and faith.

For the forgotten,

Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

Did You Know?


  • Myanmar was formerly known as Burma.


  • 76% of Myanmar’s population is Buddhist.


  • 26% of the population is below the poverty
    line, and close to three million people are
    considered food poor.


  • There are 24 million more men than women
    in China, making the girls of Myanmar
    vulnerable to trafficking to be brides.

Advocate Spotlight

Mary Odell, Geneva, Florida

“I first learned of She Is Safe when I was invited to an event to hear Katy Anderson (Director of International Ministries) speak. At that point, I had become aware of the extent of human trafficking globally, and I had a desire to do more. As I learned more about the work of She Is Safe, particularly about the success of Transformation Groups in preventing trafficking, it gave me a concrete way to get involved.

“I’ve now been an advocate for seven years and have 10 people who help organize events. We’ve promoted the Run to Rescue Virtual Run from 2014–2019.

“Christ set me free from slavery, and my response should be to work for the freedom of others. As I’ve researched, I’ve learned that the empowerment, education and freedom of women have huge influence on their cultures. This is noted by the amazing statistic that SIS often cites that women invest 90% of their resources back into their families and communities. “In January, we hosted a new event, Square Dance Under the Stars, to raise awareness and financial support for She Is Safe. We also hope to raise up additional advocates going forward.”

How Can You Help Color the Future?

Bring new life by providing education and prevention programs as well as opportunities for women and girls to hear about the transformation Christ will bring.

In education programs, abuse and trafficking prevention training and restoration homes, girls learn how to be healthy and safe. In Transformation Groups and business training programs, women learn to leverage their resources as well as start and maintain businesses to keep their children fed, in school and less vulnerable.

What Can You Do?


  • Be a Champion for Awareness and Prevention, just like Mary in Florida, who helps women like Chesa in Myanmar. To be an Advocate, click here.


  • Be a Visionary Partner. You can give monthly and pray consistently. Monthly gifts allow She Is Safe to care for the daily needs of girls and to steward our 2020 budget. You will also receive fewer mailings. Consider making your giving an automatic monthly gift.


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