Dear Praying Friend,

You have been such an important part of what God is doing to make girls safe and free that I wanted to share a brief update with you.

Since our last report to you, our co-workers rescued 4 little girls, ages 4-8, from growing up in a brothel community in India. The girls are now in a She Is Safe-sponsored safe home where they are dearly loved, receiving education, developing their skills and forming faith for a lifetime.

Our Economic Empowerment work is multiplying and innovating – preventing the sale of girls and building up those who have been abused. Today, Syrian refugee girls are gaining new life and trade skills rather than being sold into marriage.

Our literacy, saving and lending program, along with new micro-enterprise training, is equipping mothers to be successful business owners – even in South Sudan, where women are earning enough to pay for their daughters to enter schools and universities… and so much more!

As you continue with us in this good work, we will see even more girls safe from slavery and free to change the way girls are viewed in the future.

Read more about this in our spring update, now available for digital download.

With much thanks,


Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

P.S. Please share this exciting update with your friends and family.