How can I help Sudan?

Due to our long-term work in this war-torn country, we have been hearing this question quite a bit.

Our president, Michele Rickett, was recently asked to write an article to share her experiences in the region and help guide Christians as they seek to stand with their Sudanese sisters and brothers. In the article, she offers these five ways to stand with Sudan:

  • Be the informed Sudan Voice for your study or prayer group
  • Contact She Is Safe to become a SIS Advocate for Sudan
  • Sponsor a prayer walk for Sudan at your church
  • Gather a Sudan Team and create fundraisers for survival kits,schools, or vocational training
  • Write an article for your local newspaper about your team’s efforts for Sudan
You can read more about the situation in Sudan, and the work being done by indigenous Christians, in Michele’s article: One Heart, One Voice for a Divided Sudan.