What is Binsa Worth, and Who Will Pay The Price?

Binsa’s Story

Sixteen-year-old Binsa* lives in Nepal.

She lives in poverty. She is illiterate. She has no voice.

Given these circumstances, her chances of being trafficked for sex into neighboring India are high. Men will line up and pay to have

And, she doesn’t know Christ’s love.

Yet there is HOPE

Girls like Binsa can escape this hopeless situation … through the life-changing help YOU and other friends provide.

Thanks to the She Is Safe programs your support makes possible, countless girls in Nepal now have hope and a future…

  • Kwini* attends a She Is Safe–sponsored school. She dreams of becoming a teacher.
  • Druri* raises and sells goats provided by She Is Safe. She can now buy food and other necessities.
  • Chantin* learned to sew and started a tailoring business. She can afford to send her daughters to school.

Is there such a future in store for Binsa?

There’s a price to pay

Transformation from hard places doesn’t come easy. There is a price to pay for a young teacher to trek up into villages tucked away from the world. To purchase goats and get them to those most in need. For a follower of Christ to serve in a restrictive country.

Jesus gave Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for everyone … including girls like Binsa.

Your gift at work

When you give, you make it possible for She Is Safe to work in communities like Binsa’s, helping vulnerable girls to be:

  • Well-fed
  • Educated
  • Protected from being sold

Thank you for paying the price to help girls like Binsa discover their true worth.

Paying the Price

Human trafficking is an illegal industry based on greed and perversion. In the places where we work, girls are a valuable commodity because of the price men will pay for them.

For as little as $50, traffickers buy girls living in remote villages and poor communities. Desperate parents take the money and watch as their daughter walks away into a horrible, joyless future.

Who will pay the price to intervene and stop this evil practice?

What a joy to know that together, we can intervene! The same parents who are willing to sell their daughters are also willing to generate income in a different way … to watch their daughter walk forward to school or to learn a trade.

These life changing opportunities are possible because you and other generous friends who are willing to pay the price. Thank you!

For the forgotten,

Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

The Epicenter of Sex Trafficking


In the foothills of the Himalayas is a shared international border between India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China. This area is a notorious corridor of human trafficking.

Traffickers operate undetected, duping or coercing girls who are seeking employment. The girls disappear, and their families never see them again.

YOU can intervene today to help save vulnerable girls and transform communities.

Advocate Spotlight

Kathy Jennings, Roswell, GA


“I first learned about She Is Safe in 2016 as I was preparing for a mission trip to India,” says Kathy. “In preparation for the trip, our team members read Michele Rickett’s book, Forgotten Girls, to learn about human trafficking. When I discovered that She Is Safe was located in my hometown, I knew I wanted to find out more about the ministry.”

Today, Kathy serves as a SIS Advocate, raising support and awareness for She Is Safe.

Kathy, along with a group of women at her church, has hosted awareness fundraising events, including a BBQ and Auction, Ladies Night Out, Bake Sale and Women’s Tea. “I also use my skills as a graphic designer to produce a monthly newsletter specifically for Advocates, which includes specific prayer requests from each country where She Is Safe works.”

Learn more about becoming an Advocate:

“She is Safe provides an incredible opportunity to get involved and support their efforts to help vulnerable women and girls find lasting freedom.” — Kathy Jennings, She Is Safe Advocate

Paying the Price – Moving Into Action

Human Trafficking.

How do those words make you feel?

Shocked? Saddened? Overwhelmed?

Issues this big can often stun people into inaction.
But YOU can take action!

Today, you can help free and equip the world’s most vulnerable girls by joining She Is Safe to:

  • Rescue vulnerable girls from brothels and provide for a home that offers healing and new life
  • Provide anti-trafficking training for the most vulnerable women and children
  • Offer income-generating opportunities to help mothers provide for their children

4 Powerful Actions You Can Take

  • Sign up for emails – to receive updates and insider information.


  • Share what you learn – you’ll multiply your actions as an advocate through friends as advocate.


  • Pray earnestly – draw on the power of heaven to combat evil


  • Support financially – your gift today keeps the life-saving work going


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