Artists play an important role in God’s work. They discover, frame, and retell stories, and help us to connect with the powerful narrative we live in.

We’ve been working with creative people a great deal lately to offer a richer experience for those who interact with us online, at events, and in their advocacy groups. We are developing new videos, redesigning our website, blogging, facebooking, and re-imagining our promotional materials.

Through this thrilling process, God connects us with extraordinary artists who tell stories through visuals, music, and words.

When we asked Eric North of The Bear Klaw to work on a score for our video, he embraced the project and sent us a track that caused reactions ranging from goosebumps to long strings of exclamation marks in our e-mails. Click below to listen to the “She Is Safe Theme” on YouTube.


Whether they are web designers, photographers, videographers, musicians, animators, or writers, She Is Safe is so grateful for the artists who join us in the process of telling the story of how God is freeing and empowering women and girls in the hardest places.