(Excerpt from the President’s Introductory Letter)

Dear She Is Safe Friend,

In the places where the vast majority of slaves reside, “It is a girl” means “She is not safe from slavery!” Eighty percent of all slaves are female, and this is not God’s heart for them. That is why we have developed strategies to free and equip girls. Even when we work with women, fathers and communities, our end goal is to protect and strengthen girls. Here are some highlights of how we have worked this year:

  • Life Change Report side photoPrevention – We equipped women and girls with skills that make them far less vulnerable to slavery. We provided abuse and trafficking prevention training and other education in safe locations.
  • Rescue – We stationed teams in the highest-risk places where girls are trafficked: border crossings, red light districts, source villages and conflict zones.
  • Restoration – We brought girls to She Is Safe-sponsored restoration homes where they can receive nurture, counsel and job training to build whole new lives.
  • Advocacy – We raised awareness with men, women and children. We created the Men’s Task Force for Freedom, forging ways for men to work to end the demand for sex slaves. We became founding partners of The Freedom Coalition, teaming up with other organizations for collective impact on every aspect of slavery – locally, nationally and globally.

Because she is a girl in a place that does not protect her, she needs our help – yours and mine – to make sure she is safe and free. As you enjoy this Annual Life Change Report, please consider what you can do now to help free and equip more girls.

For the forgotten,


Michele Rickett
Founder & CEO

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