Nina Nina was the youngest of four daughters of a sex worker in India. Her family lived in a brothel community. Her future, like most girls in her situation, was very bleak.

“I was a mischievous child and got into lots of trouble,” Nina recounts. “I didn’t care about my studies. I didn’t have any ambition. I didn’t get proper meals. My health was weak. The place I come from is not a good place, the way the people talk and their lifestyle is very bad.”

In 2007, when she was 8 years old, her family was approached by a She Is Safe co-worker, who offered Nina the opportunity to live in a safe home that gives girls like her a chance to live in a safe, loving environment. Her parents agreed.

Nina is one of the first girls who was rescued by our field partner in India. Now she’s a smiling 15 years old girl, a big sister and role model who cares for the younger girls in her community. She is described by her teachers as bright and wonderful, with strong leadership qualities.

“I try to do well in school,” Nina says. “I want to be a teacher when I grow up so that I can help children from poor families to get an education.”

For the six weeks leading up to Easter, we are cutting back on consumption and raising money to give hope and new life to thousands of at-risk girls like Nina.

Join us as we Give Life for Lent!

*She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to respect each girl’s dignity