“I prayed that my parents would love me and care for me.” This is Luci’s* heart cry. It’s the cry of every child. To be seen. Loved. To be safe.

Luci, like so many other little girls, is living in a community that’s increasing her odds of becoming a target of sexual abuse and part of the sex trade industry.

Luci is only six years old and lives in the mountains of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia with her parents and siblings.

“My parents are farmers and we are very poor. They go out early in the morning to work in the fields and return late in the evening. I am alone sometimes, and I am afraid.”

This child and hundreds in her village are clearly in danger. Rankings show that Indonesia is the third most dangerous place for abuse and exploitation. Luci is also in danger of becoming enslaved if she is not protected from perpetrators.

One in four slaves is a child.

She Is Safe Indonesian co-workers arrive in villages with plenty of energy and insight to love each child. Luci and her classmates learn the 10 Tips to Safety in their own language. And in the areas most in need, each little girl is given undergarments. These garments provide an opportunity to discuss each girl’s right to be free from abuse, while adding a layer of protection against perpetrators.

And the program is effective. Luci’s cries are being heard. In some villages, the number of reported abuse crimes has decreased by 50%!

The Abuse Prevention Team also provides an ongoing Children’s Outreach Program where there is a follow-up with each child. Home visits are made to ensure that parents understand the need for prevention, and that everyone has the hotline number. Of course, the children have fun singing and playing games while seeing the love of God displayed through our co-workers. Each child is prayed for and nurtured individually to bring them the love of Christ.

Predators don’t wait. Children like Luci need the protection and help that you can offer them. Will you prayerfully consider helping us get to them?

Thank you for supporting our labors for those most at-risk in the hardest places.

One way you can specifically help is by providing school supplies for at-risk children like Luci. You, your family and friends can purchase supplies, include a small donation to cover cost of shipping, transportation and undergarments and pack the pouches to be distributed to at-risk children. Click here to download the Pencil Pouch instruction guide and 10 Tips to Safety: