Grant Bloom and his wife were pregnant with their first daughter when they heard about She Is Safe’s work.  The fact that they were about to bring their own child into the world brought home the day-to-day issues facing girls in the world’s hard places.

As Grant was praying for a way to get involved, he heard about our Run to Rescue initiative, and he developed the idea of organizing a trail race to prevent, rescue and restore women and girls. Grant’s church rallied around the idea, and The Run to Rescue in Grant’s hometown, Kinston, North Carolina, was born.

Three Eleven Photography took some wonderful photos of the race, which raised over 3,000 dollars for She Is Safe’s work around the world.

This little lady's birth inspired Grant to organize a race that helped girls like her around the world.

Local runners heard about the race and tackled some trails to help women and girls.
One runner actually did the race barefoot…and finished in first place!

After the race finished, runners stayed around to enjoy each other's company, cheer on the winners, and celebrate Run to Rescue's impact on women and girls where She Is Safe works.

Grant’s story is a wonderful example of how an individual and community can put their gifts to work, and make a profound difference for women and girls who need God’s love.

Has your heart been moved by the issues that at-risk women and girls face? What is your gift or passion? How can you use it to bring God’s love to bear for “The Least of These”? Please feel free to e-mail us at to discuss your ideas, or to learn more about how you can Run to Rescue.