In Myanmar today

Girls are at high risk of being taken as child brides to neighboring China.
Some families boast about how much they get in the sale of their child.
The average education level in Myanmar is 4.7 years.
Impoverished families do not invest in their daughters to get the education they need.

But Bennu is changing her world. She is increasing her daughter’s opportunities and protections through the teachings in her She Is Safe Transformation Group. She said, “My husband did not want me to join a Transformation Group. He said I could not rise above him since I am a woman. But I did join a group. I learned skills and taught my family and my neighbors what I had learned. My husband watched and saw how our family was changing. Now on group meeting days, my husband says, ‘Hurry and go so you do not miss your meeting!’ ”

It’s not just Bennu’s family that has changed. Many women in her group know, through their own experiences, what transformation looks like. One member said, “My living standards have improved. My family has benefited from the small business of selling soap I started from the loan I received from the She is Safe Transformation Group.”

  • Women in the group have trained in sewing, starting businesses in their homes.
  • Others are learning to make baskets to sell.
  • One woman is being taught how to create books for children.

It’s not just financial freedom they have discovered. The women are also learning practical ways to care for their health and safety.
And, the life transformation goes deeper still. One woman said, “My favorite part of the time with my group is hearing the Bible stories. They tell me how to live my life. I have never read anything like it.”

The change is real and is possible with your support to:

  • Intervene for at-risk girls, mothers and families to change their lives for eternity.
  • Equip local workers to teach the skill development classes needed by the women and girls in these communities.
  • Help women and girls, like Bennu, to be safe and understand their value to God and to their communities.

Bennu’s world has changed which directly elevates her daughters, her granddaughters, her sisters and families in their villages for generations to come