A baby was born in a brothel. But because of love, she didn’t stay there.

Amara’s* mother worked in a bustling brothel of northern India. In that place, baby Amara would likely be used for sex by “clients.” She would be exposed to disease, all forms of abuse and, frankly, things you and I cannot imagine. She would grow up to be one more forgotten girl who felt unseen and unloved.

She faced a life the same as her mother’s. She would be someone else’s property – someone would own her future. She would never have her father’s name – no birth records, no identity papers. No hope of enrolling in school. She couldn’t even dare to dream what life would be like beyond the brothel walls.

Amara, like other brothel babies, is highly likely to be neglected, addicted to drugs, illiterate, rejected by outsiders, and sold at a very young age. The area of India where Amara lives is where thousands of girls are sold throughout India into red-light districts.

Her dark future awaited.

And then, because the love of Christ compelled many people to give, baby Amara grew up in a Restoration Home with the opportunity to grow up in a remarkably different way.

The She Is Safe-sponsored Girls’ Restoration Home in India made all the difference for Amara. It is a safe place, a loving home, where at-risk girls are wrapped in the warmth of safety. Here, she received:

  • Nutritious, healthy meals
  • Medical care
  • Education and skills training
  • The love of Christ that she embraced as her own

Today, Amara is a high school graduate and is studying to enter a university. Her dream is to be a psychologist and help other girls be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually. That’s what happens because of love. That’s what happens when girls know they are no longer forgotten.

*She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.