A baby was born in a brothel. But because of love, she didn’t stay there.

Amara’s* mother worked in a bustling brothel of northern India. In that place, baby Amara would likely be used for sex by “clients.” She would be exposed to disease, all forms of abuse and, frankly, things you and I cannot imagine. She would grow up to be one more forgotten girl who feels unseen and unloved.

But because the love of Christ compelled you and others to give to support a She Is Safe–sponsored Girls’ Restoration Home, baby Amara had the opportunity to grow up in a remarkably different way.

This Valentine’s Day, you can show your love and support for Amara and other girls where She Is Safe works

I’ve attached a “God’s Heart for Forgotten Girls” card for you to pray over, sign (first name only, please) and upload it at the bottom of this letter.

Girls who are living in at-risk communities in northern India need your help to be restored from abuse, trafficking, sexual assault and slavery. They are completely lost, broken and confused.

These girls will only find true healing, hope and purpose through God and His love for them.

By partnering with She Is Safe today, you can help provide vulnerable and abused girls with safety and healing.

Through our loving hands, you’ll help provide girls with nurturing care, security, prevention education and guidance. And these girls will be introduced to Jesus and get to experience God’s love.

The Girls’ Restoration Home in India made all the difference for Amara. Here, she received:

  • Loving care and protection
  • Nutritious, healthy meals
  • Education and skills training
  • The love of Christ that she embraced as her own

Today, Amara is a high school graduate and is studying to be accepted into a university. Her dream is to be a psychologist and help others be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually.

That’s what happens because of love. That’s what happens when girls know they are no longer forgotten.

But there are still so many girls like Amara living in the grip of darkness!

Your generous gift will help these girls find a new life free of abuse, trafficking, sexual assault and slavery, setting them up to become the women that God created them to be.

Please take a moment right now, while you have this letter in your hands, to:

  1. Pray over the card.
  2. Sign your card (first name only, please).
  3. Return it by uploading the card below.

We will share your card with an otherwise forgotten girl who needs to experience God’s love through you.

On behalf of forgotten girls,

Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

Download the card below! You can open it in a PDF viewer on your phone or computer, sign it digitally, and upload it. You may also print it, sign it, scan it in, and upload it.
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