When we posted our Run to Rescue post, we were excited to hear what goals people would set for themselves. The first responder was Jacque, who had a powerful story, and an inspiring goal to share with us.

She wrote a moving blog post about it, where she said the following:

Right around my 13th birthday I began to have difficulty speaking, eating, keeping my eyelids open, raising my arms to do my hair (a very important aspect of a girl’s life) and carry things, like schoolbooks, and was generally tired and worn out all the time…not your typical teenage lifestyle.

She was diagnosed with an auto-immune, neuro-muscular disorder which troubled her and almost took her life several times. However, after reading about Run to Rescue, she decided to set a goal and use her recovery to help She Is Safe free and empower women and girls around the world. She continues:

Through MG (myasthenia gravis), breast cancer and most recently, a broken femur and surgery on both femurs to insert titanium rods (ye old Wolverine woman), I am happy to tell you, I’m still kicking and ready to Walk for “Run to Rescue”, a challenge presented by She Is Safe (formerly Sisters In Service)! I want to help little girls and women in places in the world where they would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn of their loving Savior, Jesus Christ, or have a safe and healthy life, like you and I have, were it not for the intentional intervention of lovers of Jesus who often risk their lives to bring Life to them.

Jacque’s decision is a beautiful start to this initiative. You can read her full story, and help sponsor her, at her blog: Jacque’s Journey.

We’ll keep posting stories, goals, and results as they come in. Thanks for joining us in this adventure!