Children of Mali

She Is Safe works in Syria, Mali, Sudan, and South Sudan, countries that have been ravaged by war. The lack of security and the displacement caused by war leaves women and children particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

A recent article by the Guardian cites a report that details the sobering reality of how war affects a child’s access to basic education. In conflict areas around the world, 48.5 million children between the ages of six and 15 are out of school. Of that number, 28.5 million are aged between six and 11 and more than half of them are girls. The ongoing civil war on Syria has added to a sharp increase in these numbers.

Children living in war zones can often be intimidated away from going to school. Last year, there were 3,600 recorded incidents of students being either stopped, attacked, having their schools bombed, or being recruited by militias. More than 70% occurred in Syria.

She Is Safe works in these conflict zones to equip women and their families with the tools needed to not only survive, but to thrive. Learn more about the all of the countries where She Is Safe works.

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