Planned Giving

She Is Safe partners with the National Christian Foundation to provide godly counsel and set everything in place for donor advised funds, a bequest, will, annuity or property liquidation to the greatest advantage of your estate and the lives you hope to benefit. You can improve current and future income; enjoy tax savings even now while giving more; and providing the blessings of faith and freedom to the least of these.

The National Christian Foundation (NCF) has been a very good friend of She is Safe. For the past 36 years, NCF has been the thought leader in the generosity movement for efficient and strategic charitable giving. Their team of gift planning attorneys support givers like you with a pre-tax strategy for appreciated assets.

For more information, see the instructions guide for giving stock and mutual funds.

If you are interested in learning more about paying less to taxes and increasing your giving through stock giving or other appreciated assets like real estate or business interests, email or call our local NCF contact:

Maureen Starr, Director of Giver services, NCF Georgia, 678-892-1868.