What does Anika see?

You can’t help but be drawn deeply into her eyes. What has Anika* already seen at her tender age? What has she experienced? She was born into a hostile environment. Into a village notorious for abusing and selling girls.

In her village, Anika sees that “My mother, my sisters and I are treated less important, less worthy, less lovely than we truly are.”

It’s not a world we know. Since you and I live in communities brimming with freedom and opportunities, we have the joy of making all the difference for her. We have the good news of Jesus Christ, solutions, and the ability to change the lives of girls and women to ensure that they do not see themselves as a commodity.

What Anika sees as she dreams of her future is, “A village where all women and girls are treated with honor, dignity and respect.”

We can’t let her be forgotten. We can help give Anika and many more girls like her the opportunity she desires and deserves.

You can discover some of the practical ways we all can help as you read through the Fall New Life Update. In addition, on the prayer map, you will see how 20,803 people, mostly women and girls, benefited from a She Is Safe program of prevention, rescue and restoration.

After you read through this newsletter and experience the world through the eyes of a girl, please:

  • Use the specific prayer points and the prayer map and boldly ask God to make girls safe, free and equipped.
  • Share this newsletter with friends, family, your church and community groups.
  • Decide how you will personally be involved to give your time, talents and treasures to change the lives of girls like Anika because…

All girls like Anika need to be: Seen. Loved. Nurtured.

Anika says as she dreams, “I see a bright future for myself — one filled with hope. With freedom. With love.”

What do you see?