In the foothills of the Himalayas is a shared international border between India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China. This area is a notorious corridor of human trafficking.

This is where you will find sixteen-year-old Binsa* who lives in a small, rural village in Nepal. She lives in poverty. She is illiterate. Given these circumstances, her chances of being trafficked for sex into neighboring India are high. Men will line up and pay to have her.

Yet there is hope for Binsa to find Christ’s love and a new life – with your help.

Girls like Binsa can escape this hopeless situation. Who will pay the price for her freedom?

Many girls in Nepal are experiencing what hope feels like. These girls now have a bright future . . .

  • Kwini* attends a She Is Safe–sponsored school. She dreams of becoming a teacher.
  • Druri* raises and sells goats provided by She Is Safe. She can now buy food and other necessities.
  • Chantin* learned to sew and started a tailoring business. She can afford to send her daughters to school.

Is there such a future in store for Binsa? There’s a price to pay. Transformation from hard places doesn’t come easily. There is a cost:

  • for a young teacher to trek up into villages tucked away from the world.
  • to purchase goats and get them to those most in need.
  • for a follower of Christ to serve in a restrictive country.

Jesus gave Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for everyone … including girls like Binsa.

Together we make it possible for work in villages like Binsa’s to continue helping vulnerable girls to be:

  • Well-fed
  • Educated
  • Protected from being sold
  • Given the opportunity to realize their priceless identity in Christ.