Alia* has lived these past nine years under dark clouds since the new nation of South Sudan formed. Poverty has tried to hide the sun and suppress her joy. In the midst of trials, Alia and other women have found a place to thrive and serve others through She Is Safe Transformation Groups (TGs).

Freedom from hunger, abuse and slavery

Despite the obstacles, Alia and her TG sisters are forging newfound freedoms. They are:

  • Feeding their children well and sending them [delete] to school each morning.
  • Sharing their problems and pains together in prayer.
  • Building their small businesses on a strong foundation.
  • Experiencing the freedom of reduced violence in their own homes.
  • Expressing confidence to think and speak, independently analyzing problems, and coming to solutions.
  • Improving their literacy levels.
  • Leading women to be prepared to oppose injustice and change social attitudes.
  • Sharing faith with neighbors and inviting them to join their group.
  • Training new TG leaders in neighboring Uganda.

The list could go on. But so do the struggles.

Alia and her TG sisters are strong capable women who can create much out of very little. But with your encouragement and support Alia can continue to grow in faith even in the darkness.

There is safety for women and girls vulnerable to trafficking and abuse

Peace. Security. Stability. Growth.

Would you pray for these words to describe life for Alia and her TG sisters? Would you give in order that they receive needed resources, training and opportunities?

Your gift of $50 or $100 dollars can make all the difference.