Indian Women Are Under Threat of Abuse and Exploitation Every Day

She Is Safe works to empower underprivileged women and girls throughout the world. In India, we train women to build businesses, raise healthy families, read and write. As we enrich these aspects of their lives, we help them bring hope to their communities. In addition, we rescue girls as young as three from brothels and educate and nurture them in safe environments so they can experience joy and peace.

India’s charismatic Narendra Modi recently won a landslide presidential victory in the national election. 66 percent of registered voters turned out for the election. This record turnout was populated by young voters and women. By most estimates, 250 million women voted. Modi, the son of a taxi driver, has been a man of the people for his political career, and was the progressive choice for this election.

Indian women hope that since Modi is a progressive, he will continue to advance the rights of women in India. Following the gang-rape of three Indian women in 2012 and the subsequent outrage, there is no doubt that the awareness of women’s rights in India has improved. Even the high turnout of women voters reflects this. Nonetheless, though awareness has increased, sustainable change on a large scale has been slow.

Some of the important leaders in Modi’s party, the BJP, are women. In addition, Modi has advocated for further involvement of women in politics while on the campaign trail. As of now, Modi’s resolve to support women’s empowerment and equality has not been tested, but there is a growing optimism among young Indians that he will bring an equality to the Indian national government which has always been lacking. After the voter turnout in the recent election, it is clear the BJP must take noticeable steps to empower women or it risks losing valuable supporters.

Whether Modi’s presidency leads to more equality for women in India, or whether Indian women will continue to suffer under the repression which has haunted them for centuries, She Is Safe will continue to work with underprivileged women in the hard places in India. We will continue to share life and hope with them. As this sustainable change affects communities, India will become a place where girls can learn, live and grow without fearing abuse or exploitation.

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