In places where women are not valued, where girls are unwanted and unloved, where poverty clouds every part of life, where She Is Safe works, we hear stories like Jasmine’s, in trembling voices:

I didn’t want to go, but I knew I couldn’t refuse them. There was no future here. Only pain. And hunger. My friend’s older sister had a job for me in the city. So, I decided to go. It couldn’t be worse than this. Or so I thought. I woke up in a dark, damp, locked room. I vaguely remember the long days of travel and receiving different clothes. And being forced to drink. Then, the men started coming. I lost count of the days and the men. I was terrified that this would be my future.

That’s a very dark picture. Yet it is how many girls are lured into sex trafficking. They enter a life of the unimaginable. But what if she had been aware of the dangers and had alternatives? What if her mother was able to keep her safe and provide for her education and nutrition? Because of your help, new paths are opening for girls in:

  • Nepal, where a mother was trained to sew. Now, through her business, she provides for herself and her daughter.
  • India, where an older sister rescued her little sisters from a brothel into the safety in a restoration home.
  • The Middle East, where Syrian refugee girls learn vocational skills and experience the love of God through leaders who demonstrate what new life looks like.

What if . . .

Before poverty sent her into slavery, a woman learned a job skill.
Before a vulnerable little girl walked alone to the river to bathe, she received abuse prevention training from us and took a safer route.
Before a mom was forced to close her snack shop and put her kids to bed hungry, she took a business training class.
Before Jasmine woke up in a dark, foul-smelling hotel room, we diverted her path from the trap of trafficking. She doesn’t become a statistic, an unknown number, an unknown face. She becomes strong, free and empowered to understand her worth. She looks toward a strong and safe future. That’s what prevention does.

The Spark of Awareness

Over the decades, I have met thousands of at-risk women and girls. Many have been abused, used and tossed aside so frequently that their eyes look dead. They cannot imagine a life of freedom and dignity.

One girl I met was named Nima. She ran away from the beatings and sexual abuse at home. Nima was sold for sex by people who “took her in.”

To help her know that she is not alone, I shared my personal story of surviving sexual exploitation as a child and explained that though parents don’t always value their girls, God wants the very best for them.

Then it happened! Nima’s eyes lit up with the spark of awareness and new possibilities. She now knows the truth of her value. Today she sustains her own life by the skills she learned and spends time awakening other women to their value in God’s eyes.

Fueling the spark of awareness about worth and freedom is one of the greatest joys in this work. Let’s keep that spark alive every day in 2020 and beyond.

For the forgotten,

Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

Champions of Awareness and Prevention

“Our Advocacy group sponsors a dinner to raise awareness and funding. We want people to know slavery is a real thing and that there is something we can do to help end this horrible practice.

“I have personally been abused. It hurts to think that any person would have to go through what I’ve experienced. I have two daughters, ages 12 and 14. The thought of a parent being so broken that they feel selling their daughter into sexual slavery is their only choice breaks my heart. I am a kindergarten teacher, and many of the students come from rough backgrounds. There are times that I’m the first defense for a child who is suffering. We need to help girls who don’t have someone looking out for them.

“We can all do something to help save these women and children. We can share about She Is Safe and support the work financially. Some of us can go and see the work for ourselves and be involved. Everyone can do something. You have to find your piece of the puzzle.”

Lisa Griffiths, Quail Lakes Advocacy Group, California

“I was born into a life of poverty. The girls in my community lived in fear of being sold and snatched into China as a bride.

“But before that happened, I joined a She Is Safe Transformation Group. With the other women, I learned lessons in health and safety, how to be a good mother, how to sew and start a small business. We learned how to be safe from traffickers. Taking a loan from my group helped me purchase two sewing machines, and my tailoring business grew and continues to be successful. I am able to help provide for my family so my children will be healthy, go to school and be safe. My friends saw how my life has changed and they wanted it too. I invited them to join my Transformation Group. Now, we can all live free from fear.”

Thura, Myanmar Transformation Group Member

What is Our Greatest Need?

People often ask about our most pressing need. We need more Visionary Partners: people who give monthly and pray consistently.

Because the women and girls we serve suffer every day and every month unless we intervene, we need more partners like you who will stand with us monthly. Monthly gifts allow She Is Safe to care for the daily needs of girls and to steward our 2020 budget — and you will receive fewer mailings!

Please prayerfully consider setting up automatic monthly giving.

You Can Prevent Girls From Suffering a Life of Slavery

Your partnership with She Is Safe rescues and restores women and girls from abuse and slavery — and prevents them from being exploited in the first place.

In education programs, abuse prevention training and restoration homes, girls learn how to be safe from abuse and the tricks of traffickers. In our Transformation Groups and business training programs, women learn to leverage their resources, start businesses and keep them going so their children are fed, in school and less vulnerable to predators.

You can become a Champion of Awareness and Prevention, just like Thura and Lisa.


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