Tuesday evening, I had an incredible opportunity to speak to the youth group at Open Table Community Church in Chamblee, Georgia. As we discussed global issues that affect women and girls, the students also brought up issues relevant to their own communities.

I was encouraged by these young people’s participation and interest as we discussed human trafficking and other issues of injustice. They brainstormed potential solutions to a local issue and the global issue of human trafficking based on a need for greater awareness in churches, schools and communities here in the United States.

These students’ thoughts and ideas grew as they talked about ways that they can share God’s heart for this issue. During the discussion, they developed ideas to bring a greater awareness in their church, school and neighborhoods. A poster campaign was suggested by one of the youth as a way to blanket their community with awareness. Through this project, they would create relevant messages utilizing facts and statistics about human trafficking. They grew visibly excited as we talked about this potential project.

The youth at this church, both boys and girls, are already taking a stand to raise awareness about these issues. Several weeks ago, they participated in our Hope Shines campaign. They helped to organize a candlelight and prayer service to intercede on behalf of the women and girls that She Is Safe helps.

Youth at Open Table Community Church are an inspiration! They are creating change and will continue to help raise awareness and inspire others to be involved in the fight against human trafficking.

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